Wednesday, October 28, 2009





holiday plan~

mummy~ wanna cry edi~

big plan for holiday arr!~ arghhhh!~

request from lecturer:-

1. english intensive course...still ok~ but very expensive lehh

2. cut my hair~ look like juz washed clothes...astaga~ sedih=.=

3. read shakespeare~ huhu....die(ing) soon

4. get ready for English on Air! cant wait! so exciting~>.<

5. T.E.S.L camp~ huhu..ganbateh!~ brush up my english man~

6. weAR like a young gurl..huhu:) means need shopping lar~

7. brush and brush and brush up english~ helpppp!!!!

8. revision~ revision~ revision~ dead!~

9. volunteer~ i wanna go~ huhu..bring me along pls~

10.i hope i cud go

=.= k..going to thinking skills clas now~ muackkkssssss

Saturday, October 24, 2009

what if?

there are a lot of unexpected things will happen in our life

so here i wnt to share about my "what if"

what if i fall for him?

what if i die?

what if i am not a human?

what if i pick another path?

what if i kill someone?

what if i am not a gurl?

what if i can sing?

what if my parents leave me?

what if i dont have siblings?

what if i born in 16th century?

what if i died at 100?

what if i am a retarded kid?

this is all called stupid question...

stop thinking about unexpected things and live life well...

Thursday, October 22, 2009


~ Family ~

I love u

U love me

We are happy family

New built family in IPGM kAMpus Teknik

Never thought of this might happen to me

But it is now happening


Ayah~ Hakeem Ashcroft

Mak ~ Zaja

Anak ~ Julyan Ashcroft

Daddy~ erhemmm

Mummy~ Anis

Brother~ Anep

Brother~ Azwan

Sister/ uNcLe~ Rachel

Sister~ Khai
Boyfriend ~ Joe


~Double happiness~

TESL won the second place for PUISIDRA 2009

Hakeem Ashcroft – Best Actor

Kak Anis- Best Actress

Congrate and thank you

Huhu^^ great job to all of us!

Celebrate for the victory

Again, I achieve something in my life

Though it is not a very big one

I am still happy

At least I tried my best to fit in here

I hope TESL stay happy all the time

No fight but love each other all the time

I love here

Although far from dream

Near to Love & Friendship~

Continue my journey

Next ~ English theatre

I am not doing well for this

But I am happy to join it

I will try my best

No more the old Julyan

~ Flight response ~

Add oil!!!~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

世俗 。 冷落

















说: 我很坚强










Monday, October 12, 2009

at this moment

At this very moment,

i would like to share something with the blog...

i am not happy now...

for no reason...i am not that much into him..

this is what i persuaded myself...

i am only Julyan...

no one else but Julyan who only need money,friends and family to survive...

then, now...

this very moment,there should be nothing to sad about...

left myself alone...

i fight for myself...

no one else, but i love myself the most...

no one else deserve my love, but only me myself...

nothing i need but my friends,family and money...

i am surrounded by good things...

yet, i fall into sadness...

life is never easy...

i throw out all my feelings but forgot about it...

~He is not available~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Saturday!~ in campus again

~today is saturday~
woke up at 11.30am
yesterday watched ~sweeney todd~ till 2.30am
read some tips for photography
confused [lens & sensor]
gotta read more and more
but life continued
today cafe is not open
have maggi tomyam for lunch
lovely- my favourite food
later will go back home
tomorrow will hang around wif leaderonomers
but havent gt a way to go thr
dun so mohsin lar~
i am tired of u
handle ur problem
is so tiring!~
to do list:
1. theatre stuff
2. thinking skills assignment
3.emotional intelligence assignment
4. clean my messy room
today gotta b bz
God bless me ya
I wanna settle most of them~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

missed call


i saw a missed call dis morning when i wake up..

i was ...


he called me...


i was thinking...

mayb its bcoz of my status...

i feel guilty coz i was sleeping tat time..

as usual~ like a pig!~

i was so sorry...


waiting for sms nw...

shud i go ~ i mean d workshop...


so many hmmm...

i miz them..DIODE!

life is all abt give and take...

remember,u nid to giv 1st..

then only take...

take without giv is called steal...

but my heart is stolen ^^

nak cubit!~

abe is back..


he alwys giv me d same feeling...

nak cubit dya..

he cut his hair lol..

or i should say, he shave his hair..

x biasa...

rachel and i keep on looking at him and laugh..

so cute lar..

really wanna pinch him...

story end...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

sleep~ Saturday in CAMPUS!~

sleep~ sleep~ sleep~

Lazy pig sleep till 11am today

Rachel reached my room at 8am..

Omgorsh, damn early….

But, I am still a pig…

Sleep no matter what happen..

Yesterday night, back from leisure mall,

I [lepak] with anis and jaja

Then go back to hostel,

Bath and washed all my cothes…

Then paint our block till 12.30am…

Next clean up my room till 2am…huhu^^ finally back to nice one…

Eat too much until stomachache, force myself to sleep…

But, Mr Tea went for karaoke till 3am…crazy!

Finally, pig wake up…go for lunch in café…

We called out Mr Tea for math assignment…

We talk about fb as well…ha2…we are friends…no matter what happen…

And meet Abe(KKR) & PG…then Redza and Zuhdi…

Then went back room. Now I am typing my blog…

Abuu and Abe said they are going to Amal’s open house... enjoy it!

Now, I need to clean my stuff to prepare to go home…wacha!

I am still happy about my allowance^^

Friday, October 2, 2009


Allowance in my acc!

So excited!!

I have so much fun today!

Today, our allowance is coming in,

Everybody is so happy and excited about it…

Some even rush to [ sedut ] the money out from bank right after school…

So happy to get 3 month allowances at once…

Can you imagine, u suffer for 3 months…

Then, suddenly $$ kaching kaching $$… your account has RM 1500!!

Oh my goodness! That is just so exciting…

From Memoirs of a Geisha,

Then to KKR’s drink- [air tebu] tq very much.

To English Theatre,

And Nasyid practice…but Qoha, take care of your voice please.

Then, the day passes fast.

During the night time, 4 shopaholics went to leisure mall…

Things turned unexpected and uncontrollable…

If anyone could control shopaholics in shopping mall, especially sales…

Please tell me…

I would like to bring him/ her along…ha2

Everything seems to be in perfect condition…

I mean seems…

This is life; there are always unhappy things…
But, these things are not enough to spoil your mood for whole day…

I am here, just to write down the unhappy events today:

As usual, I said morning to almost everyone that I see. But, there are still people who did not reply me. So rude! The lecturers are always the best. I mean most of them. They will always reply or give sweet smiles. Isn’t that a wonderful gift for other people? ^^ Especially in the morning. Don’t be so [ kedekut ]

I had a small quarrel with Rachel in class. That’s not fun. I don’t like to argue with friends. I apologized although she showed no reaction. I mean she did not show me angry face. I should be generous not so selfish. Julyan- stupid fish hawker.

Today is the date to submit thinking skill proposal. Rachel and I managed to finish it. But, M.R Tea accidentally lost it. I did not mean to blame him; I just want to release the frustration. I hope he did not feel hurt.

Next, it’s about theatre. I found myself to be too quiet. Am I a leader? I was asking myself for few years. I am the vice president, but not even able to work well with my colleagues. So disappointed.

I forgot to bring my key out today. I messed up my day, and my roommate’s day as well, feel so sorry about it. Sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Sorry to M.R Tea that I could not make it. I should do my promise. Instead of doing assignments, I was having fun outside. Wanki, I just felt sad that I did not manage to meet you.

Lastly, I was so nervous just now. I worried that we would be late to be back to campus. We shopped until 10pm and so hard to get a cab during the time. Luckily, we got one good cab driver; he is such a humorous man.

Conclusion: human life is always more interesting because there might be different emotions every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year and so on. ^^

Love everyone from TESL.