Saturday, February 6, 2010

my heart sink

my heart sink when i heard the news,

why it happens at this time?


cha,stay strong~

i could not afford to lose u~

the best comrade i had,

i want you back...

tears run like they are no more mine

you must be very painful now..

stay strong k~

we all pray for u~

may the Lord comfort you and all of us

we can do it together!

this is not a big deal for SUPERMAN & RED WARRIOR isn't it?

i worried,but i trusted..

i feel so miserable, but i gave u all my confidence...

u shall overcome this and be back soon~

every morning i greet u, every night i wish u..

God shall lead the way as he knows what is the best~

he listened to our wishes as well.

u are tough enough, u have been working so hard,

and u deserve a beautiful world...

just want u to know, we all love you!