Saturday, October 23, 2010


current mode: cooking~ dinner~
hungry!!! =D
mummy cooking my fav food again~ ^_^

no more moral class for this sem!!

favourite past time during moral class 
try different hairstyle =P
our beloved hairstylist - Deborah Loi

in  this semester,
visited to another MEGAMALL~
IOI MALL~ damn huge!!! =P
lots to shopppppp!!! >.<
but i am poorrrr~ 

 ready to go~
thanks amal for bringing us there~

actually~ exam is just around the corner~
bless me ya~
my friends and family,
please pray for me~ 
huhu~ kinda nervous but haven't start my revision =P
miss u all!!!

<3 uuuuu~ miz uu~
wakaka xD

Thursday, October 14, 2010

pity u my blog~

my dear blog,
neglected u for so long huh~

You Can Win

David Choi 

You can win this fight

You don't have to listen
To anything I say
There's nothing I could do
You take my breath away
And all that I believe in
I'm slowly drowning here with you

I tell you that I'm here
And I tell you what I feel
But I feel you're so far
And I don't know where you are
You tell me what you think
You tell me that you're trying
I want to believe you are
I want to believe you are

And I won't say you're wrong


Everything I hide
Is held inside your chest
With every single heartbeat
My picture fades to gray
I belong to you
I made you that promise
It's all because of you
I only say the things I do

And I won't say you're wrong


You can win this fight
Take it so it's done
Again I'll put aside my pride
I can only do so much