Monday, October 3, 2011

depressed - fatherless child -

i am so depressed lately...



my class was scolded....

for "dont know" how many times...

most of the lecturers were angry with us..

some are still angry..

i know my class is lazy...

with a lot of attitude problems...

and me too...was frustrated...

but what can i do?

and now...our beloved mentor mr wang is leaving..

getting more and more depressed

the only lecturer who wont get too angry with us

and loves us...and cares about us..

is leaving....

and i feel so lost...

now...i am going to be "fatherless"

and i have nothing much to say..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

its never easy

some people would wonder
how i deal with my life,
the "special" part of my life
they would wonder,
if there is future.

oh well,
i never really think about it,
coz i ignored it.
until today,
when i realized the differences in between,
the possible outcomes,
the risks...
i slowed down...
something like decision was made..
not alone, 3 hours ago...

its never easy
for the decision to be made
after all...

we can only wait and see...
if rainbow would come or only the storm...

if u r reading. wish me luck.
luck for? i have no idea too..
i wish for the best...
(i questioned myself: what so good about getting the best?)
u wont care about the best if u have what u want :(

Friday, July 29, 2011

bad month

the worst birth month i ever had in my 20 years life.

 i can only use this quote to describe my feeling: 

Chas. Austin Bates
 It is the trouble that never comes that causes the loss of sleep.

lived in fear, worries, sadness.

all i can do is to pray for better day after all.

i tried so hard to be positive, but life will not be kind to us i guess.

i experienced bad or unfortunate things one after another.

my mother keeps telling me is just my mindset

 but how come everything happened within such a short period.

i lost so many expensive things, involved in car accident, scratched my car..

my plan is ruined, heart broken coz of a friend, made mistakes,
 my thumb was injured during netball,  and a preschool kid sat on it again..pain..

parked my car beside velodrome and got blocked by another car..stuck....

suffered stomachache for 3 days and it does not feel okay yet, cried, sighed..

did not perform well during preschool session, lost our mop during BIG, 

the things i ordered online- out of stock all of sudden. gorsh~ pimples!!

what else will happen next... cant imagine anymore.

is it because of the room?

coz my  roommate had a bad week too.,

i hope everything will be okay after all...
please God...i dont think i can take it anymore..

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.
 Keep in the sunlight.


Friday, June 24, 2011


i am in the second semester of my degree course
got my result and...
another job...

have to deal with a play or theater..
i dont like the job
i still tried to enjoy it actually.

things are not that easy.
working with people is not easy!!
we get frustrated. mad. angry. sad. disappointed.

at the age of 20,
how many people actually care about their identity and image
which can be seen in their work and attitude?

i dont know how to tell my friends about it.
i really need your corporation in making this a success
and thats the end of the story. 
why cant we make things easier to deal with?
i wonder... do u really know who you are?
or u just want to live like zombie. blindly.
and waste the chance God has given. 

we should know by now.
at least i am sure.
there's no turning back.
lets make it easy. for us. for others.

thank you for all of my friends' wishes.


 glad to have her in my team

guess who?

Josephine lor! :)

my beloved hubby <3

has her hubby d!

a cute looking one~ 

i really wish i could do it!
everything i mean.
my blog- messy
life too!

still i wanna work hard!
to prove myself
to make myself believe
i am small, i am short..
but i have big dreams!
i can do anything i want if i try really hard.

i miss home.
miss my family.
so i am back. after my job for the day is done.
do u get the idea?
we have to make sacrifices for life.
if u dont want to get the shame, embarrassment.. u hafta, i hafta. we hafta
i am sure.. i dont want it!

what about u?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

this life

i never like to live like this..

like how?

like THIS...

like HOW??

like THIS la!

abstract one..

THINK yourself la =.=

physically bloated...

mentally stressed...

cognitively weird...

emotionally stirred...

financially cleared...

oh....this is my life...

clear enough? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

busy..busy..too busy

too busy to deal with my dearest blog...

settled a LOT of ASSignments!!

and still there are a lot more to go...

next week pulak folio...

wanna kill me meh...

applying manglish lorrr...=P

this saturday durian party

this sunday crabby party...

grow fats!! ^__^ but very happy to do so.

coz i miss food other than chicken so much! <3

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11~ it's NEW YEAR~

Happy New Year
going back to college tomorrow
not really fun huh~ =P
watching AMA~
boleh tahan la~
but their "costumes"
are too weird for me
for gurls, they are all wearing their bras outside
or their sleeping dresses
The most interesting attire i noticed was
from B.E.P
the guy i dunno what his name is
but the LEGO cap is just so cute!
if i could have it~ =p

i dont really wanna talk abt this year
i am too lazy to think about how's life gonna be like..
afraid? scared? mb~
i dont know
i just want to watch some movies, and buy myself a new phone~
i like n8 but there are too many neg comments abt it
so i think i will take HTC~
welcome to ma life~

Capoeira, i wish i can still make it~
miss it~

i hate tomorrow!
haftA move all my stuffs back to 3rd floor~
and when is the allowance coming out?
oh~ unsure abt everything
better watch AMA~

i want to watch TRON legacy and The Tourist~

haha xD bluekkk =P