Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11~ it's NEW YEAR~

Happy New Year
going back to college tomorrow
not really fun huh~ =P
watching AMA~
boleh tahan la~
but their "costumes"
are too weird for me
for gurls, they are all wearing their bras outside
or their sleeping dresses
The most interesting attire i noticed was
from B.E.P
the guy i dunno what his name is
but the LEGO cap is just so cute!
if i could have it~ =p

i dont really wanna talk abt this year
i am too lazy to think about how's life gonna be like..
afraid? scared? mb~
i dont know
i just want to watch some movies, and buy myself a new phone~
i like n8 but there are too many neg comments abt it
so i think i will take HTC~
welcome to ma life~

Capoeira, i wish i can still make it~
miss it~

i hate tomorrow!
haftA move all my stuffs back to 3rd floor~
and when is the allowance coming out?
oh~ unsure abt everything
better watch AMA~

i want to watch TRON legacy and The Tourist~

haha xD bluekkk =P