Friday, June 24, 2011


i am in the second semester of my degree course
got my result and...
another job...

have to deal with a play or theater..
i dont like the job
i still tried to enjoy it actually.

things are not that easy.
working with people is not easy!!
we get frustrated. mad. angry. sad. disappointed.

at the age of 20,
how many people actually care about their identity and image
which can be seen in their work and attitude?

i dont know how to tell my friends about it.
i really need your corporation in making this a success
and thats the end of the story. 
why cant we make things easier to deal with?
i wonder... do u really know who you are?
or u just want to live like zombie. blindly.
and waste the chance God has given. 

we should know by now.
at least i am sure.
there's no turning back.
lets make it easy. for us. for others.

thank you for all of my friends' wishes.


 glad to have her in my team

guess who?

Josephine lor! :)

my beloved hubby <3

has her hubby d!

a cute looking one~ 

i really wish i could do it!
everything i mean.
my blog- messy
life too!

still i wanna work hard!
to prove myself
to make myself believe
i am small, i am short..
but i have big dreams!
i can do anything i want if i try really hard.

i miss home.
miss my family.
so i am back. after my job for the day is done.
do u get the idea?
we have to make sacrifices for life.
if u dont want to get the shame, embarrassment.. u hafta, i hafta. we hafta
i am sure.. i dont want it!

what about u?