Thursday, September 29, 2011

its never easy

some people would wonder
how i deal with my life,
the "special" part of my life
they would wonder,
if there is future.

oh well,
i never really think about it,
coz i ignored it.
until today,
when i realized the differences in between,
the possible outcomes,
the risks...
i slowed down...
something like decision was made..
not alone, 3 hours ago...

its never easy
for the decision to be made
after all...

we can only wait and see...
if rainbow would come or only the storm...

if u r reading. wish me luck.
luck for? i have no idea too..
i wish for the best...
(i questioned myself: what so good about getting the best?)
u wont care about the best if u have what u want :(