Friday, May 25, 2012


Hooray! It's holiday!!!! :D It's time for shopping, movies, novels, travel~
hehe~ just by reading the first line, u can guess i like shopping the most :)
however, has always been a moral dilemma...
cuz I dont like to waste money for myself~ haishhh~

anyway...Holiday is also the time for me to read others' blogs. 
so...ya..i read a blog... 
my comment is - it's a good, interesting and reflective one.. 
from his writing, i think he is a mature guy..
from his experience too, i think i have a good life.. 
not that i compare..but i tried to put myself into his shoes..
and i dont think i would be able to go through or handle the life he went through.

I come from a middle to upper class family
the middle part is I still have to work hard for my life. 
or bear with certain aspects of life which are not perfect enough..
and the upper part is that I have all my needs fulfilled...generally
for example, I never have to worry about money 
except when I left secondary school for uni...

the only thing or factor which lead to my lack of capability in handling a life like his..
would be I was not trained to do it...maybe...
I can only put myself in his shoes and try to understand his feelings..
however, i WONT be able to gain full understanding or insight for me to lead a life like that..
i want to emphasize this..His life is not is meaningful..
but it requires the courage and thinking which I have yet to gain or achieve. 
which means. i dont have it now..

So his life...or his experience...has actually taught me to be more positive ..
for instance, Result does not mean everything...
(i was quite depressed with the fact that I wasnt able to perform well in this exam)
the love from parents should be appreciated and be paid back as much as I can..

Mum and Dad, I am sorry if I've made u angry or sad...or frustrated...
I know both of u place high expectation on me.. I will try me best to achieve it..
and I pray that you can stay with me until I have the capabilities to earn money..
spend money on u (just like what u do for me), give u my love and concern independently..
Independently cuz I am still spending ur money even when I get u some presents. 

and Of course, i want to try my best to improve myself during this holiday..
will still be spending some money of urs.. but i promise, I will try to control~ <3

last but not least
He is still young, and I really hope that he get to live a better life..
He definitely deserves more :)

to all of my friends, lets pray for him and urself
to be able to live a better life from now on,
as a human being, as a son or daughter, as friend, as student or as a pet owner.

& Happy Holidays! 

Home sweet home~ 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

coming soon

exam is coming soon..
arghh~ just around the corner...


need to study so many things

went out to buy dinner with some of my friends today
iylia~ adib~ ema~ izuan~ syu syu <3<3

I bought my favourite chicken + fried rice
sad to say, didnt get to buy my favourite corn~
the auntie did not open her stall for 2 weeks dyyyyyy :((

WHYYYYY???? I want ur jagung rebus~
please..i want jagung rebus!!!!!

saw a old friend today...
it has been 2 years...i could still recognize him...
there's a moment, i thought i saw the wrong person...
I knew it was him
just refused to believe
he looked the same...didnt change much...
still the same style...
but i changed a lot
did i?
i did. I am no longer the little girl who used to call u "Bear Dog"

the conclusion is?
no conclusion~ hahah xD

Thursday, May 3, 2012

right track?

It's a  happy day, at first..
everything is on the right track
we are friends again :)
my friends shared some posts posted by a lecturer
take note please.
a lecturer I like, not anyone..

u want more descriptions? 
she is not black =P
this is not a racist comment k..
just want to make sure u are clear with whom I wanna talk about..

according to her posts or statuses, I can see that she is disappointed, unhappy
she said she wanna give up on us
its time to do so, that is what she said...

now, I sit here and think...

oh ya..I was thinking.. :P

I dont know what I was thinking..
just felt sad...

what to do kan?
does apology mean anything now?

aduh.. pening kepala..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is an angry post
if you are not READY, 
dont LOOK at it
dont READ

if you think you had done something which might happened to make me go crazy
do not READ too~

once upon a time, 
my classmates always say, as a class..
should discuss, don't make decision without discussion...
but tell me please..
why cant things be discussed earlier?
just checked,
i posted that "announcement" 4 hours ago.
none of u replied until 1 hour ago.
oh well.
should I say I understand? (or I know)
there were some problems.. 
so on and so on..
I dont want to blame you all for that..

oh wait. somebody replied earlier right 
probably not an insult,
but i took it as an insult,
what did u say again?
I think I remember..
u said things like u r havin problem, and 
I still wanna have replacement


did i not help to cancel the class just now?
probably I did not if u didnt get the message.

who is free enough kan to forward any message when there's flood?


So now..I sms-ed some people just now.
to get something from me
or to talk

did anybody reply to my message?

am i a maid to u or wut? to take care of ur stuff?
or to chase after u to remind u for this and that?
maybe u r busy
maybe u dont have any credit to reply
when you stay at the same place as mine


dont ask me if i wanna become a rep again


i bet they dont want to have me as the rep as well
because people take it as cruelty when u r serious about a job and 
serious about a conversation - people take it as an insult


what to do