Saturday, October 27, 2012

post stats

just checked my post stats..

the post which receives the most number of pageview for this month

 is the latest post.

the post i used to convey hatred

i am very clear with the fact

that i shouldnt dislike u

but yeah. i dislike u.

bahahhaa xD boring hor if u read the previous post and this one.

its abt the same stuff la =P


a random status (i didnt post la)

it makes u feel so sad when u find out about how fast a person can change his or her mind within seconds.. and when they leave.. its like a tsunami which hits and leaves u only scars and sadness. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

random post

it has been so long...
well..too busy to post anything...
and i dont feel like sharing my recent stories with anyone...

but since i have time..
i am going to write something...

hey u..
yes.. u..
i am talking to u..
i dont wanna meet u by any chance.
but yeah. we met.
and yeah. u smiled to me.
u cared about my ***
so what?
if i smile too, i was just being fake.
just wanna hide it from u..
about how much i dislike u
for disturbing my life.
so shut the **** up, 
and stay away from my life

so yeah. dislike me too.
i know u did
u do