Thursday, December 20, 2012

KiaOra Kiwi-land

its 1.49am in the morning....
so is going to end soon..
and I am going to miss this holiday so much!

what did i do?

I went to New Zealand in November.. a few days after the break started,,
spent 2 weeks without mummy daddy and siblings by my side... 
had so much fun over there and I cant describe it in words... or using pictures..
For this trip, I also got to experience my first flight in the business class cabin..
its awesome but disappointing at the same time.. 
so the awesome part, I got to enjoy a real comfortable flight with great food, drinks and service.. the cheese, the beef, the wine, all the fruit juices.. u can have all of them and the airbus crews will still smile to u..
 the disappointing part would be humans are cruel? or money really affects life!
i bought the business class tickets not on purpose.. and hafta buy an economy one 
for the return ticket.. 
guess what, I received a total different kind of service
attitude, food, everything... anything u can list...
and i might want to buy business class tix in future cuz good flights are essential to start and end a trip..

In New Zealand, I experienced real windy weather.. it was so cold..
that I hafta keep myself near stove or blankets or heater most of the time..
my very first experience with heaters! 
the scenery - too beautiful.. I couldnt capture the greatness or the awesomeness using my camera and I felt so blessed for having good eyesight.. 
with them, I can look at all those beautiful stuffs and places.. 
unless my eyes deceive me 
the clouds, the mountains, the fields, the animals and the blue2 sky..
And I wonder...
Do we really live under the same sky? cuz the sky looks so different  in Malaysia
even the cows there are "handsomer" =P

To me, the trip is also like a trial or live without my parents and family members.. I capable of living on my own?
the answer is No... I miss them so much.. 
everyday I would think of them and miss them and err..
promise to treat them better when i am back. =p
to be a better daughter and sister.. :)

By the way, bought a new camera for this trip too 
THANKS to dear mummy!
she bought a Nikon J1 for me..
too bad the Galaxy came out later..
but I do love my J1... err..just too lazy to clean the lens =p

<3 everyone..
i hope school wont start forever =P