Sunday, May 19, 2013

Any suggestion for the title? virginity?

I am a mess...
When I am supposed to study and get my self ready for exam,
Here I am,
trying to do all sort of things but studying...

so here's the story that I couldnt think of a title...
guess the reason for this problem is that its a true story.
so for the sake of that good friend, 
I am not going to expose her name forever.
but I couldnt hold myself from writing the story cuz
its sad.. i couldnt find ways to help her...
and I am not in any position to help her or ask her to do anything...

once upon a time, a friend of mine knew a boy during her secondary school time..
they knew each other online and agreed to go on a date..
soon they fell in love.. but thats not the end of the story.
the boy stopped going to school and started working.
personally, the occupation doesnt sound like a good one..
so not going to share about it
but thats not the main point, the guy was and is much older than my friend..
as a man (literally - age) he had sexual needs..
and they started having sex..the focus is she lost her virginity to this man.
she said she loved him..
the relationship went on and on for about 2 or 3  years i guess.
when everybody thought that the relationship was perfect,
they should be able to get married and be in love forever.
guess u can predict what happened next
 they broke up when the girl was about 20 years old.

the reason, easy to guess. like any drama.
there was another young girl, not a daughter but a new girl.
in secondary school as well..
fights, arguments, cries, tears, shits happened.
they broke up. and my friend said, no problem I can move on..

So she moved on.. I thought...
the truth is, I can still see sad statuses and posts about how much she misses that guy
she changed jobs, started drinking, dancing, clubbing..
photos tell me that she enjoys her life..
but does she? i dont think so when I read those statuses..
my point of view is, she couldnt forget the guys for a few reasons.
1. its her real first love.
2. they had sex. she lost her virginity to him
3. they didnot break up cuz she stopped loving him

so my question is, girls and guys or friends who read this post,

if u r a guy, tell me how much u value a girl's virginity? 
Will u accept a girl as ur wife eventhough she lost her virginity to another man?
Can u accept the fact that she loved a man so much before u and willing to give him her first time? and probably she moved on, she is ready to build a stronger relationship with u... Do u have the capabilities to accept her they way she is?

if u r a girl, what will u do? forget the first man? move on? go back to him?