Friday, June 25, 2010

park~ holiday the end~

that's all..
the end of the sem break..
moving into 3PPISMP~
juniors coming in...

David Choi's songs were played over and over again...

if u were here, i would be ok~ =)

i miss u syg~
love u~ <3

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day

Happy Fathers' Day

i am sorry lol dad...
i got nothing for u..
couldn't get anything for u..
i mean i didn't see anything for u in TS~

anyway..just want to tell u that 

let me introduce dad..
he works as a building constructor..
family business passed from my grandpa..
he is a good cook..thats a fact ;p cant deny that..
he is a good buddy..not of mine =)
he is a good badminton much better than me
hahah xD
whatelse ya..he is my 24 hours driver ;p
and...i am his daughter la~ lalala~

dad and mum - this pic was taken during my mum's birthday..

when they traveled to japan

happy family ^___^

heheeh =) 

Don't u think my dad is cute? ;p

treated him dinner which cost RM101~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mamak Stall? FiFA woRLD cuP~ Reunion~

Ruby~ beloved <3 cousin

Rachael ~ beloved cousin too ~ twins~

my cousins..
cousins~ <3 funny foo. jiab.max foo 

Family~ Reunion~
my uncle just came back from US i think..
then we had a reunion dinner over my uncle's house
its FUN!! =)
so long after the last reunion...
besides eating, we gathered for our beloved grandma..
we prayed, sings..and had our dinner..

oh well..what to do with FIFA?
i think all my uncles are football fans..
so....this is what happened when they are chatting in the garden...

what?! what is the tv doing in our garden??

world cup luuu~ so desperate ;p

moved the tables...

dont u think it looks like a mamak stall~ in our GaRDEN?! 

this is cool!! hahaha xD little cousin bro is following the trend too~ world cup huhu~

children see, children do =D

ladies ^.^
magic show in room 
this is just small part of it..i mean our big family..
there are a lot more...over US..over here and there..lalala~

i love u syg~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

out for movies~

<3 <3
out for movies~
Toy Story 3 
& Prince of Persia
Both are awesome movies =) claps*

its kinda tiring actually..
watched Prince of Persia from 2.10 - 4.20
then continue Toy Story 3 from 4.20 - 6.30
hehehe =)
such a short movie marathon..
cuz i need to rush back to home
today is a big day~

BIG DAY ~ my bro's birthday ^___^
hAPPY bIRTHday bro! =D

wish u all the best and dreams come true~
and wish u to find ur real ambition and 
catch up in ur study k~ he is taking spm this yr~ 
hope he can get good result! 
i did not buy anything for him actually.
and sorry for being late to ur "party"

the movie marathon is super!  =D
but the consequences of sitting inside cinema for 4 hours
omg~ we are freezing...
iT was damn COLD!!!!!
exhausted after 2 movies...
forgot to tick attendance, its rahim, me, lillian and munyee...
munyee only appeared for second movie ;p

values learnt today:
- family
- love
- friendship

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

when dreams take off~ and abt gary~

one of the edited photo...i stole it from a senior's album..
and i edited it~ ^___^

sometimes, i miss my past...when i was so strong...
that i believe i can go through this life without anyone by my side..
but when i grow older each day, i realize i need many people in my life..
there are people who grow up with me, and some guided me so well..
however, nothing last forever right?

this saturday is Gary's birthday...
oh well...a good senior of mine during high school,
wait, he is not from my school,i studied in gurl school =p
this is the whole gang..
with our beloved teacher - Mr Danny~

<3 <3 happy one~

there was a year, we celebrated all our seniors' birthdays..
and you know, its awesome to stick close..
but of coz, when there is joy, there must be sadness too~

i dun want to talk about it la~

just want to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

He is a good singer ^__^ he sings so well~
but he gave up on singing career since its very hard..
he is cute, he is kinda good looking...
i still remember i first met him at my tuition centre..
he was a new worker that time ~
time flies...

just wish him all the best..
i would like to see him on stage again~ 
and good luck in everything he is doing.. =)

Happy Birthday to u~
Happy Birthday to u~
Happy Birthday to Gary~
Happy Birthday to u~

Happy 21st Birthday ^_________^
i wish u dreams come true~

Monday, June 14, 2010

saving my blog


trying to change the template but in the end.....

i almost ruined it

coz it looked so terrible,,

i changed the privacy setting...

for no one else except myself can read my own blog..

so annoyed...

then tend to open another blog...aftr listened to zuhdi's advice

until =)

the new blog template is here...

hehehehe =)


it saved my life and my blog ^_^

thats what we call technology... 

surprise~ this is my new blog template... (^.^)V

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lost Control

sHopAholic goes crazyyy~

rm 30

quite cheap from cleef...

the 3rd bag for 2010

its time to stop~ *sigh

my favourite hobby is not good ;p

 i feel kinda depressed actually..

thou my dad paid for the bag...

i feel sorry...

i decided not to buy any bags and shirts...

after talking to hasnan~ feel so much better ^.^

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cuti x de keja~ ;p tibe2 ade~

blog site still looks ugly...

but i need to post something...

i am so bored...

this holiday..

i should go and work and earn money right~ =p
but i am too lazy...

i jog during the first day of holiday...
but then..........

hehehe =) lazy bug~

snap2~ i am too free~
my baby from jusco ^.^

ngek3~ =p

i miss u syg~ <3

my lappy is x in good condition...
since my home pc broke down...
my lappy is like public computer...

then suddenly the neighbour watch fifa i guess..
din on wifi d~ oh no~
life without connection make me feel so terrible 
home alone..sigh* so bored...
no vacation...x jd pergi Cameron *sigh~
Johor, x jadi jgak~
so i spent my vacation over STARBUCKS~

waste of money right? ;p
heheheeh ^__^

actually i was meeting Amal... 
for the book again..i thought it was actually...
some mistake during printing...
the pictures is not bright enough...x epy la tu...sob2 T.T

finally...i finished the editing..
tKE CARe amal~ <3

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holiday~ It's HolidaY~

holiday...i am almost done with TESL camp book...
printed it out and handEd it in ^_^ bad...
i said bye to maktab and went back home...
and the next day..i am back to maktab again..
i wonder when can i settle everything...
meet dr mindy, settled some job...

thats all...
returned my key..and GOOD BYE IPT!!

well, the end of the sem..

i learnt to be a publisher, poet, king(Macbeth)..
i think thats all~