Sunday, June 3, 2012

if you did this...

if you ever did this ^____^

i <3 doing this when I was a kid~ hehehehe
if you ever played this :D

there were no gameboys, PS this and that..
but we have this! :D
i did this too! :D

POST saw on Fb

 i wanna share about some interesting posts i saw on facebook...

my comment: this is so true~ :) but i havent experience this yet, so not going to talk much about it. 
if you read, think ya about it.
 I think it's a chance for everyone to judge ourselves if you are in any relationship.

my comment: I dont agree with it actually. cuz "yourself" is not perfect and sometimes it can be bad.
for example, u cant tell a thief to be yourself for the reason stated in the quote.
stealing is still wrong. people mind it not because they matter the thief.. 
they matter the act and values. 

besides, if you matter a person, of coz u hope for the best..
If you matter a person who  is a thief, and u know stealing is wrong, of coz u want him not to steal too.
unless you are a thief too...and u have no values.. and conscience...

the third post is about result and exam...
so what do u think about this pic strips? agreE? experience it before?

I have been both a good and a bad students in terms of result..
so i guess i understand the feelings of both of the characters in the pic.

I do tease people who answer that way. for example, debbie~ xD
haha~ when Debbie answers it that way, my friends and I will tease her like,
"dont jia jia la, later can score also one"

and when I say I cant answer the paper,
My classmates will say that I "tipu tipu" too~

the fact is, we cant guess right the result, 
I do study, but I think I cant do it..
eventually, if i score, it has nothing to do with me right
cuz I am not the one who mark the paper or come out with the real answers. 
I only answer what I know, and I doubt my answers...
that's why... 

so I guess I am still worried about my result..
Oh God, please bless me...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

So come on Girls, Guide!

Just came back from a camp~ 
so SO so Tired!!! feel so SO so Old!!!
hahaha xD I am 21 dy, and I went for camp with young guiders~
most of them are 13!! Form 1~
there were moments which are super awesome,
there were also moments which I thought "what am i doing here?" =P

and the awesome parts are:

1. We had great time with the guiders and children

We had some little campers following us around during the camp~
hahah xD and I really love their presence, cuz they made me laugh~
they enjoyed looking at us, when we cooked, when we ran, when we played..
and sometimes they followed :D 
like, when I was cooking the curry chicken and cabbage lemak with tempe, 
Ethan wanted to try and kept asking "Can I try? Can I stir?"
hey tasted the food i cooked, and commented "somethings missing..." 
with they super cute and serious tone and faces.
they also volunteered in helping to clean the dishes,
got me drinks when I was thirsty and busy cooking~ hOW sweet! ^_^
so thank you Ethan, Chantelle and 2 sisters of Joyce.

guiders! oh yeah! I almost forgot that I love guiding. 
I used to love guiding so much, put in so much effort...
and when I got into college...
I forgot all the skills, the passion and the feeling
Luckily, slowly  I got most of them back during the camp~
although it made me feel so old to camp with young campers..
I appreciated the experience. 

2. A talk by the Green man, Matthias Gelber

For this part, I really need to thank Michaelle, I guess. :)
We learnt a lot about go green~ 
It feels so cool to have this session.
I feel so inspired! by him and his efforts in saving the earth.
I will try my best to do something for our earth! :)
I know I cant "save" the earth, but I will do something!
If possible, we shall see you again for the tree planting program in June.

3. Michaelle, our very pretty and crazy camp com of Pulau Haba

Michaelle, i know its not easy, but good job!

Michaelle planned real fun filled and cool activities for us,
she was good and organized. I really enjoyed working under her.
and Ethan is her brother :D 
I learnt a lot from her parents too~ Uncle and Puan Elsie~
sorry, i didnt know her dad's name~
but They taught us about recycling 
and using every resources we have in daily life...go green...
for example, making solar cooker, making papers, creating cute crafts..
and motivated us... A LOT
they were funny! cool! supportive! 

If i become parent one day, I want to be like them :)
or at least a teacher like them. 

we are the girl guides, 
always looking far and wide,
so come on girls, guide!
                   Pulau Haba, 2012